Woldt Farms is a 4th generation family farm that started out in 1911. The farm has continuously grown and developed over the past 100 years. In February 1990, Daryl and Amy took over the farm from his parents, Hugo and Jeanette Woldt. Daryl and Amy started with 80 milking cows. In 1998, Woldt Farms became an LLC, and two other businesses were created; Woldt Harvesting LLC and W&W Bagging LLC. In 2004, Woldt Farms did their first large dairy expansion, in which 300 cows were added to the milking herd. Another expansion was done in 2008, which included a double 12 milking parlor and another free stall barn. This expansion bought the milking herd up to 700 cows. In 2011, Woldt Farms LLC was rewarded with becoming a century farm. The latest dairy addition was done in 2016 in which a large free stall was added and the parlor was turned into a double 16. Through this addition, the milking herd size was doubled to 1400 cows. A commodity shed was added in 2017, which helped to enhance the feeding side of the farm.  Woldt Farms takes pride in being a family owned business and looks forward to what the future will challenge them with.

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