Secure Covers

  • Cover faster and easier.  

  • Reduce spoilage by holding plastic down tighter.  

  • Prevent damage to the plastic.  

  • Eliminates breeding ground for West Nile Virus

  • Made of virgin polyethylene mesh with an interlocking weave that will not fray.

  • UV stable for 10 years.

  • No-where for vermin to hide Secure Gravel Bags fit into the bunker shoulders where tires can’t reach—reducing spoilage.

Secure Covers

The Third Layer in the "Trifecta System" of high quality silage protection


When applied over your bunker/pile/pit plastic, the unique texture of Secure Covers reduces the wind velocity over the surface of your plastic.  The decrease in air flow allows Secure Covers to utilize tension to secure your plastic.  The tension, instead of weight, improves the silage-to-plastic contact, which is one of the largest contributors to spoilage reduction on the surface of your silage.  Secure Covers eliminate hours spent lugging unsightly tires that still leave your plastic exposed to damage from hail, birds, deer, and other animals.

Also Available: Secure Gravel Bags!

  • Helps prevent wind from blowing under the plastic at the feeding edge

  • Creates a tight seal along your bunker wall

  • Secures Bag Armour® and Bale Armour®

  • Use with Secure Covers for the ultimate silage protection

Secure Gravel Bags are made from the same woven polyethylene material as Secure Covers.  Designed for easy handling, they are approximately 3' long, and come in two handle styles to suit you.  Secure Gravel Bags are easy to stack on a pallet and freely drain water when filled with the recommended 3/4" pea gravel/stone.  Filled weight of 30-35 pounds.